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Distribution Services

Profile / Business Card Distribution

How its Works?

Our 5 Easy Steps Guidlines

CV warehouse resume distribution services facilitate the candidates, especially how have limited time to search job (like 15/30/60/90 days) or to those who are working in UAE/GCC, or any other country but looking to earn more with handsome job and good salary package in top paid companies.

  • Step1 : Send us email marketing campaign details

    Email us the Business Card/Product/Service/ Portfolio in PDF, Cover Letter and Subject Line. Business cards and Profiles should be as PDF and Cover letters should be in MS-word format.

  • Step2 : Pay for Services

    Make the payment and send receipt

  • Step3 : Let us Work!

    One of our consultants will confirm the receipt of payment and guide you if any recommendation require in your draft

  • Step4 : Email Marketing

    Our experts will do email marketing of your Service/Products/ Portfolio.

  • Step 5 : Start Getting Interview Calls

    Once our experts distribute and set email marketing campaign. You will start getting response about your Business Card/Product/Service/ Portfolio.

180$ / 650AED
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How we work

Get Traffic have Result – Let customers know about your profile, products, service or anything you wants

CVwarehouse will do E-Mail Marketing Campaigns for your Business!

Email Marketing for Business

With email marketing you can generate potential customers and this is very important for a business or introduction. To enjoy the benefits of email marketing in UAE, RAK, Qatar and Middle East, you can hire CVwarehouse email marketing services to reach a very big audience of country, city or industry.

CVwarehouse Group has team of professional marketing experts and IT genius who will create and send e-mails and newsletters to your clients, on your behalf....if you will provide the email list otherwise we will do a general emails campaign, for your business or profile.

This will be very effective for you to market yourself or your business in a very low lost.

Imagine the cost of hiring marketing team / printing company profiles / broachers / give aways etc. And then see our email marketing rate … for sure it’s very low and best choice to introduce and promote your services, products or anything else to others. Its also very effective for Lead Generation that’s why Email Marketing is the first choice for Marketers since it is the direct & effective channel to stay connected with customers.

Get email marketing service to generate customer, business, market brand and gain more profits:

  • Get immediate response, inquiries, emails and orders for your products, services or profile
  • Low cost - Email marketing is 80% more cost-effective than traditional marketing
  • Reduced Time & Effort
  • Personalize Messages
  • Fast Return on investment
  • Local or Global marketing tool
  • More Frequent Communications
  • Go beyond email marketing – The Experian Advantage

Email us for email marketing at: